Isfahan Theological Schools in Isfahan (Madreseh)

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School of chahar bagh
Chahār Bāgh school (Madreseye Chahār Bāgh in Persian or مدرسه چهار باغ ), also known as Shah school, is a 16-17th century cultural complex in Isfahan, Iran.
The compound was built during Soltan Hossein, a Safavid king, to serve as a theological and clerical school to train those who were interested in such sciences. In order to finance the school, Soltan Hossein's mother had a large caravansary built nearby, the income of which went to the foundation


 It is located in the beginning of grand old Bazaar of Isfahan. It was constructed during Shah Abbas the first. Molana Abdullah Shushtary was one of high ranking clergies. (theologist) of Shah Abbas’s time. It shows typical Iranian Madreseh. Similar to many other Madresehs it has a courtyard which is enclosed by two storeys arcades. These arcades and rooms have been used as residentional facilities for students of Theology.



These two Madressehs were constructed in the time of Shah Abbas the second and were built in 1647 and 1648. There is a tremendous similarity between plans of MadresSehs. Portals of both MadresSehs show inscriptions in Solth calligraphy.



It is the largest and an attractive theological school, built during Qajar time. Haji Mohammad Sadr Esfahani who was a minister to Fathali Shah Qajar established this building. Some of the most important Theologists were trained in the Sadr Madressehs.


 This building was constructed in the time of Shah Abbas the great, and was built in 1610.

 Nimavard Madreseh

While entering the Grand bazar via Abd-ol Razzaq Street, the glorious portal of Nimavard Madrasa with its eye catching, peerless pendentives and geometric designs attracts ones attention. As well as Kaseh Garan, this is a construction from the last years of Safavid ear, with the difference that the floral decorations are replaced by masonary and geometric designs.


It was built in 1693, in the time of Shah Soleiman Safavid. Some of the most beautiful fine arts have ornamented this monument, such as tile and tile-mosaic works and beautiful calligraphies.

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