Isfahan Alam's house

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Alam's house


Alam's house

No effort was spared for the beautification of this Qajar building. It consists of a spacious courtyard enclosed by living quarters. The northern section is the most beautiful and is emphasized by the lofty eivan. It is dominated by a semi -circular tympanum, which gives a particularly attractive appearance to this part of the building. The elevation of the principal section was an important architectural innovation. The northern section of the mansion houses a main reception hall flanked by two rooms with three sashed stained-glass windows. The hall has stucco decorations and handsome mirror-work. It is linked to the eivan by seven. windows and is connected with the flanking rooms by wooden inlaid doors.
The opposite south section of the mansion is entirely occupied by the long and narrow dining-room. Stained-glass windows add a lovely touch to this cozy hall. The eastern and western sides are based on an identical plan. They both have a central reception hall flanked by smaller rooms. A five-paneled sashed window forms the facade of the western reception hall, while the reception hall on the eastern side overlooks the court through three large windows. All sections of the mansion are richly decorated with tile work, brickwork, stucco, and gilding. Lucid waters of the stone pool in the middle of the courtyard mirror the beauties of this Qajar gem.
The mansion is undergoing restoration to be converted into a stylish tourist hotel.

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