Isfahan Dibai House

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Dibai House

Old Houses of Isfahan Dibai House
Old Houses of Isfahan Dibai House

Is located in the Harunie district, in the centre of the Isfahan's Old Quarter.
Dibai House is a traditional Persian residence that has been restored entirely and in detail. Transformed into a hotel, offers its guests the opportunity to stay in a historic mansion at the very centre of the Old City, and surrounded by a picturesque and artistic setting.

Dibai House dates from the 1670's. Nevertheless, modern facilities have been carefully added, so that the house can boast of being able to offer a truly comfortable and altogether enjoyable accommodation.

Dibai House has ten rooms to cater for twenty guests. There are three single rooms, five twin rooms and two triple rooms. Two of the twin rooms are en-suite, whilst the other rooms share five modern bathrooms.

The house has various common areas, open to all:

Old Houses Dibai House-Bed Room
Old Houses Dibai House-Bed Room

The shah neshin, or talar. This room is a feature common to all traditional Persian residences and was historically the house's main daily hub, and where guests were received and entertained. Nowadays it is used as a big living room.
    Spacious shabestans, or basements, where the dining room is located.
    The chai khane, or tea room, with a samovar and fresh local pastry, a place to chill out and relax enjoying a cup of tea
    The magnificent hoz khane, or pool house, with intricate window and mirror works, paintings, reliefs and beautifully crafted walls.
    Two sahn, or courtyards.

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