Isfahan Mausoleums

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Mausoleum of Baba Qassem

Located to the north of the Friday Mosque, is the Mausoleum of Baba Qassem (Aramgah-e Baba Ghassem. an Iranian theologian) built in 1340 AD by a theological student named Suleiman ibn el-Hassan Talut Damghani in memory of his teacher. Qassem Mausoleum.jpg
Shahshahan mausoleum
Shahshahan mausoleum (Persian: آرامگاه شهشهان‎) is a historical mausoleum in Isfahan, Iran. It is located beside Jameh mosque and is the burial place of a famous Sufi of Isfahan, Sheykh Alaeddin Mohammad.
Takht-e Fulad
Takht-e Fulad is the fifth oldest historical cemetery of the Islamic world. The first written source that mentions the site is an 11 th-century book, which reports that Takht-e Fulad held the grave of the Israeli prophet Yushea, son of Noah.The cemetery passed into Muslim ownership in the 8th-9th centuries and has since been known as Lesan al-Arz, Rokn aI-Din, or Takht-e Fulad. By the 15th century,

Mausoleum of Haroun-e-Velayat  
Mausoleum of Mir Fendereski  
Baba Rokn-al-Din Shrine  
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Imamzadeh Shah Zeid  
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Mausoleum of Sheikh Aboomasoud Razi  




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