Isfahan Calico (Ghalamkar)

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Calico (Ghalamkar)

This sort of cloth is prepared of pure cotton
The Calico (Ghalamkar) implies the creation of a role on a linen cloth, which today is also done on other pieces.The art of printing on the cloth.
This art was very common in the 11th century AH and one of the most important reasons for this was Shah Abbas's interest to this art.
Different types of Calico (Ghalamkar) produced and most men's and women's clothing made by it.
In the Safavid period, this art expanded, and continued until the Qajar period.
This craft, industry or art is one of the most important branches of arts in Isfahan province.
In the 10th century Isfahan bazaar was the center for the artists of Qalamkar and there were many workshops in the Isfahan market.
Usually the cloth used in this art are: cotton,Silk and Flax.
The most important designs in the art are: Historical sights, Wild and Domestic animals, Miniature, flowers and bushes, Old Persian Fiction Stories, Poem inscriptions, Topics and historical events, Ashura Epic Stories.
Colors in the past have been a variety of natural colors, including plant colors, animal colors and mineral colors.But today, due to the difficult stages of the preparation of natural colors, chemical colors uses.
Today, the finest fabrics of Calico (Ghalamkar) is in the beautiful and historic city of Isfahan, as well as the cities of Shiraz and Tehran market.



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