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Exploring Esfahan's Environs

By:H. Shams

Esfahan occupies a location. Its remarkable location almost in the center of Iran, temperate climate, fertile soil and adequate water supply from the Zayandeh Rud made it from the oldest times to a logical settlement area. Built between the mountain and the desert, it was also a natural stop for caravan preparation to cross the dry plateau which extends to the mountains in the north of the country. Numerous historical and cultural artefacts caused by this diversity of natural conditions, migrations and influences of other places remained scattered around Esfahan. The time allowed, tourists can want to take a break from the city and head for these glamorous but beautiful sights, especially if they want to get a more detailed picture of local architecture and customs. All these interesting places can be visited during several trips. With a good map (if you drive a car) or an experienced driver and a guide, it is a good idea to check on these Esfahan attractions that are never packed on organized tours and rarely visited by the average tourists. The sights include mainly the Seljuk heritage of the region, including several minarets and mosques. Apart from this, a visit to the Fire Temple (pages 162-163) will bring the visitor as far back as Sasanid times. The Jewish cemetery, Sufi shrines, deaf towers and some of the most beautiful mosques and minarets are included in the routes listed here. The only precaution: do not travel alone, as most of these attractions are located in rather poor or dilapidated locations.



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