Iran Top 10 Hotels

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Iran Top 10 Hotels
Iran has a variety of hotels with different characteristics
Each of these hotels will meet some of the needs of the travelers.Hotels with new buildings or old hotels that have been renovated, or traditional Iranian homes that have become the hotel.These traditional hotel houses are welcomed by tourists.The traditional style of houses and renovations performed on these houses, as well as the excellent handling of the staff of these hotels, has made passengers much more willing to stay at these centers.

Trip Adviser Tourism magazine recently has presented a list of 10 Top hotels in Iran according to travelers' opinion.

Morshedi House (1 of 10 )

This old house with 200 years old is located in the city of Kashan.This hotel is from Kashan's oldest house and has been renovated and turned into a hotel.The traditional architecture of the hotel along with the new facilities has Has become a memorable stay.

Zandiyeh Hotel (2 of 10 )
The Modern Zandiyeh Hotel being an Iranian Original Persian Hotel has been constructed at the heart of Shiraz City and in the vicinity of the historical and most invaluable complex of Zandiyeh – namely of Zand Dynasty – who chose Shiraz City their Capital about two hundred years ago. Built with a unique appearance and deeply inspired by Shiraz historical architecture, the hotel presents an eye-catching and most relaxing atmosphere for the guests.
 Hotel Markazi Iran (3 of 10 )
An old hotel in the center of Tehran, close all historical sites, government offices, banks, hospitals, and many of the foreign embassies in Iran, as well as within walking distance of Tehran’s Grand Bazaar and the Golestan Palace. It is ideally located near both a Metro station and a BRT bus line which provides easy access to the other historical sites.
 Viana Hotel (4 of 10 )
More than 50 years of hospitality history in Isfahan.Today among the top 10 hotels in Iran, From the look of the travelers.
The general manager and staff attempt to be helpful and do their best in preparing a pleasant place and atmosphere that you would feel yourself at home in Esfahan.
This is our purpose: « Stay with us for a bit calm and quiet.»
 The Spins Hotel (5of 10 )
The Spins Hotel, Tehran, is a unique choice for staying in the capital.This 5-star luxury hotel offers rooms, suites, and Rooms that are very clean, comfortable and equipped with world-class amenities.This hotel is located in center Tehran.
 Abbasi Hotel (6of 10 )
The oldest hotel in Iran and the world.
One of the 999 Safavid Caravanserai, which has become a hotel.Stay at this exceptional hotel will take you to the 15th century.Safavid architecture rooms are very beautiful and close the historical monuments of Isfahan.
Hasht Behesht Apart. Hotel (7of 10 )
Esfahan's eight paradise Hotel is located in the center of Isfahan, Most historic and cultural sites are very close to the hotel.The hotel with well-priced and well-qualified staff is as one of the best hotels in Isfahan.
Ibis Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (8 of 10 )
Nearest hotel to Imam Khomeini airport.This hotel is located in Imam Khomeini airport.It has more than 500 rooms built in accordance with world standards
This new generation hotel located 45 minutes' drive from the city center, accessible by Tehran's public transport and taxi.
Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel (9 of 10 )
The Garden of Moshir Al-Mamalek is the first Iranian garden hotel with its traditional architecture and Modern equipment, The old Moshir al-Mamalik gardens are belong to the Qajar period.Restaurants with traditional architecture,Unique paintings,Garden with long trees and Delicious cuisine delivers a relaxed and pleasant environment.
 Dad Hotel (10 of 10 )
In the center of the historical city of Yazd with 3000 years old.
Hotel Dad enjoys a privileged position to main tourist attractions including Zoroastrians’ Fire Temple and Amir Chakhmagh Complex.In the center of the desert of Iran and in the first city of the bricks of the world
Hotel Dedeman as a nigger is a desert guest with unique Iranian original architecture.

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