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Top Wonderful Hotels of Iran
There are interesting hotels around the world that are of interest to travelers and tourists.Each hotel has some special features, Some hotels are old, Some are very luxurious, and even some hotels are very special.
Another feature of Iran's tourism is the existence of diverse and varied hotels.Old hotels, rocky hotels, luxury hotels, caravansaries, and even old-fashioned hotel houses, all are tourist attractions in Iran.

Kandovan Rocky Hotel

The Kandovan Rocky Hotel
There are rocky houses in the Kandovan region, built from the old days in the heart of the mountains, as well as rocky houses.Have you ever wanted to have a personal cave for yourself? Like the Cavemen, to spend hours there?This is it Kandovan Rocky Hotel.
This hotel is located in the heart of the mountain.All the rooms are in the middle of mountains.
By staying at this hotel, you will not only experience a particular experience of staying in a rocky hotel but also visit the village of Kandovan, the first rocky village in Iran.

Bali Desert Hotel

Bali Desert Hotel
Although the green nature, High mountains, and blue beaches are beautiful, but in the desert, there are beautiful breathtaking landscapes that are not anywhere else.
Salty deserts, Sandy hill, and starry sky all of these together just can only be seen in the desert.
The Bali Hotel is located in Khoor small desert town Khoor in the Biabanak area.This hotel is especially for desert and desert tours in Iran.

Irans First Mud-Hut Hotel

One night under the Mud-Hut Hotel
The hotel of Iran's first shack has recently been opened for tourists in the city of Qal'e Ganj in the southern province of Kerman, in southeastern Iran. The hotel can accommodate up to 60 guests in its 31 huts. All the goods, equipment and handicrafts used in the huts are produced by local inhabitants and craftsmen.

Laleh Caravanserai Hotel

Laleh Caravanserai Hotel
This hotel is located about 30 km east of Kermanshah, on the way to Kermanshah's old road to Hamedan, and on the slopes of Mount Bisotun, opposite the monument of Bisotun.
This monument, with an area of more than 6000 square meters, is in the form of four ivory.The old caravanserai belongs to the Safavid period and today it has renovated and has changed to a hotel.It has a capacity of 100 passengers
 and take you to the history of the 15th century.

Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel
Hotel Shah Abbas is one of the great hotels in Iran and the city of Isfahan which is very important due to its architecture, which is based on the architecture of the Safavid era and its location among the historical context of Isfahan.
In a March 2017 report, the CNN introduced the Abbasid Hotel as the most beautiful Middle Eastern hotel.
Abbasi guest house with 224 rooms, suites and apartments, built in accordance with international standards, annually welcomes thousands of guests and domestic and foreign tourists from around the world, as well as dozens of delegations from top political parties and international personalities.

Zayn al-Din Caravanserai

Zayn al-Din Caravanserai
Zayn al-Din Caravanserai, the architectural masterpiece of the Safavid period, is the only Iranian circular building.This inn is located 60 km from the Yazd-Kerman road, and Its distance from the main road is 500 meters.The architecture of this inn is very special, and there is no other sample except the caravanserai between Kashan and Natanz, which is destroyed.
The caravanserai's map is circular and has 5 semi circular towers.
In 2006, the inn received a UNESCO honorary diploma due to "restoring with traditional materials."


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