These 10 reasons make Iran your next holiday destination

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These 10 reasons make Iran your next holiday destination
In the past few years, Iran has had a great deal of interest in the tourism industry and it’s long overdue.
The ancient heart of the once-mighty Persian Empire is a land of dramatic landscapes.A wonderful land with an ancient history, kind and hospitable people.
These are very few reasons why you should travel to this beautiful land.

Iran is nothing like the sometimes negative image portrayed in the media.
Anyone who has visited Iran will testify to this statement.The most common phrase you will hear while discovering the country is ‘welcome to Iran’.

10 reasons why you should travel to Iran now  

Iran is home to incredible historical sites
Persepolis is the capital of the greatest empire of Iran and the world in 2500 BC, from India to East Asia to the heart of Europe.The largest and most famous historical site of Iran, registered in the UNESCO Organization.
Along with this historic site, this beautiful country has over one million monuments from 10,000 years ago
The existence of this amount of historical sites has made Iran as a paradise for archaeologists and historical tourists.

Top Wonderful Hotels of Iran

Fatima Masumeh Shrine Qom Iran

You never see this level of architecture and art
Iran is a beautiful package of architecture and fine arts.
From the religious architecture of Iran in the east,(The shrine of the 8th Imam of Shiites),to the western Iran with Iranian and Western architecture displayed in churches in Iran,in the center of Iran, the breathtaking and complex architecture of Isfahan to the simple and popular architecture of Iran's desert,All together have created an amazing architectural pack for Iran.

The most beautiful mosques in Iran

The most beautiful handicrafts of Iran in the traditional and authentic markets of Iran
You can buy beautiful handicrafts in each of Iran's cities.
Isfahan is a center for shopping but you can find the best silk carpet qom Bazar or Tabriz bazar,As you can, search the best Inlaid Work (Kh?tam) in the Shiraz,Brush up on your haggling skills and enjoy the experience.

Iranian hospitality is a universal truth
Iranians take hospitality to a whole new level. They are generous and kind, fun and well educated. and readily welcome visitors to their country with open arms.

Trip to Iran Safer than you are Led to Believe
Tourists in Iran are more comfortable than the safest places in the world.
Iran is very safe and people will be prepared to help you in any difficulty - it would be a matter of national pride. The robbery is rare and even the secret police leave tourists alone. Still, it's best that the kids do not try to talk to the women on the street. The water is clean and the food is safe.
The traffic is heavey in some places especially in Tehran. Your main danger is indigestion if you are invited to stay with a family. The food never stops coming from the kitchen all day and is an honor point to eat.

18 steps to visit Iran

Mount Damavand
Damavand Peak 5600 m
Maranjab Desert
Central Desert(Lout)

Iran is not just a desert country(A four seasons country)
From the snow-capped peaks of the Zagros mountains in the rugged west of the country to the densely forested provinces bordering the Caspian Sea in the south, Iran is geographically one of the most diverse countries in Western Asia.

A foodie tour of Iran

The variety of food in Iran is very high
Although Iran has been heavily influenced by the culture of neighboring countries,Iran has its own unique culinary dishes:a wide range of rice and meat (or fish) combinations delicately flavoured with home-grown spices and herbs, over forty types of wheat bread, a wide variety of fresh fruit and desserts based on locally-grown fruit, and a delicious selection of drinks designed to enhance the eating experience. Traveling in Iran will not be complete except by eating Chelo Kebab.

A foodie tour of Iran

Iran has nineteen UNESCO World Heritage sites
Not only does Iran have nineteen UNESCO-listed UNESCO World Heritage sites, but there are still forty-nine. If you have a leaning towards ancient cultures, artefacts and monuments, you will be spoiled for choice.

Hijab, Iranian Style

Iran is a truly authentic travel experience
Although there are certain religious rules in Iran,Rules such as alcohol ban or women's veil.but respect these cultural differences and you will leave Iran knowing you have just had the holiday experience of a lifetime.
With all this and more besides, it is little wonder that Iran is one of the hottest travel destinations on the planet right now. Go soon, before the crowds arrive.

Fashion: Street Hijab, Iranian Style



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