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The World Records in Tourism Attractions
‘The most…’ has been always an enticing description to human beings. This description is the main reason which has made a lot of tourists and travelers put Iran on their itinerary. Being described by “the most” is so attractive that many people are trying to make their country be known by it in various ways. For example, a tower is built at a point in the world to be the tallest tower in the world in order to become renowned as such and attract many tourists

Top 10 churches in Iran
Christianity arrived in Iran during the Parthian (Ashkanian) period. In the book of 'Acts of Apostles' (chapter II, V.9) first century AD, it is mentioned that on "the Day of Pentecost (part of harvest festival observed by early Christians) there were at Jerusalem "Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites, and inhabitants of Mesopotamia"
Now there are different churches in all over Iran,that the ten most important of them are... 
Top 10 Iranian gardens
The tradition and style in the design of Persian gardens, known as Iranian gardens in Iran (Persian باغ ایرانی Bāgh-e Irāni), has influenced the design of gardens from Andalusia to India and beyond.
From the time of the Achaemenid Dynasty the idea of an earthly paradise spread through Persian literature and example to other cultures, both the Hellenistic gardens of the Seleucids and the Ptolemies in Alexandria.
Persian gardens may originate as early as 4000 BCE. Decorated pottery of that time displays the typical cross plan of the Persian garden. The outline of the Pasargad Garden, built around 500 BCE, is viewable today.

 Top 10 World Heritage Sites in Iran

Here is a list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Iran and the year they were inscribed to the list.

 Top  Roof Restaurant   in Iran
There are novelty restaurants all over the world but what of the Rooftop Restaurant? Dining in the fresh air with nothing but the Sky above you and the skyline of the City around you is an experience many have never even considered. As times become busier, street traffic is increasing, making the street level more dangerous and noisy. What better place to enjoy the succulent culinary treasures of the area? Come with me as we explore this new list in irangazette.
Top 10 old traditional Hotel/House
Why Iranian traditional Hotel/House
It would be interesting for you to know about Iranian Traditional housesو if you are looking for a different journey away from modern world and you want to get familiar with Iranian culture. Hotels which are located all around the world, besides the differences that they have with each other, are quite similar in their basic structure. If you’re looking for new things you won’t find it until you go for a visit of such accommodations or houses.

Top Wonderful Hotels of Iran
There are interesting hotels around the world that are of interest to travelers and tourists.Each hotel has some special features,Some hotels are old, Some are very luxurious,
and even some hotels are very special.
Another feature of Iran's tourism is the existence of diverse and varied hotels.Old hotels ,rocky hotels, luxury hotels,caravansaries, and even old-fashioned hotel houses,all are tourist attractions in Iran. 

Top 10 Classic Restaurant in main cities

Find the best classic Restaurants in main cities(Tehran,Isfaha,Shiraz,Yazd,Kerman)where you can find traditional and international dishes.


10 places you must not miss
In Iran there are lots of things to visit.
There are countries that one visit is enough. Iran, is one of those countries that pulls interest to see more and come back few times again and again.
On this page I make a list of the TOP 10 places not to be missed in Iran – the places that find most beautiful to visit in Iran.


5 amazing places in Iran you've never heard of

It might not be on everyone's travel radar, but Iran has a well-worn tourist circuit, encompassing attractions in the ancient cities of Shiraz and Isfahan.
For those wanting to get off the beaten path, the country has a wealth of lesser-known destinations that rival the stunning beauty and historical significance of their more famous counterparts.
 Iran's top 10 tourist Hotels in pictures  

 30 Top things to do in Iran

30th places, according to passengers view, are the best place to visit in your trip.
On a visit to this ancient land will enjoy visiting these places.


10 pictures of an unimaginable holiday 
Imagine the crowd monotonically chanting. All dressed in black. Imagine thousands of men flagellating themselves on the back with chains or beating their head. Determined faces and tears in the eyes. Repetitious rhythms of religious music – and black flags weaving in the sky. It is a holiday you have not seen before. It is a holiday you did not even imagine exists. It’s Ashura, a major event in Iran.

8 reasons to buy a Persian carpet  
Persian carpets have been famous for centuries. Even today a rug from Iran is associated with excellence and superiority. But bargaining for one is not even the best part of the experience. It is chatting with carpet shopkeepers, drinking tea with merchants and admiring the architecture of the bazaar what makes shopping for a carpet in Iran so enjoyable. If you are not planning on buying a Persian rug any time soon – make sure to check our compilation of the best photos from country’s carpet bazaars. Sure these will change your mind.

 Top-10 best photography spots in Iran  
Iran is a country of endless photo opportunities. Diversity of attractions, lack of tourists and open people always happy to pose for the camera make it a perfect photography destination. If you wonder how we took the photos for our blog – look no further. We reveal our top-10 photography spots and tips to get the perfect pictures from Iran. best photography spots in Iran.jpg
Top 8 must visit cities in Iran
Tehran with its vibrant rhytms. Tabriz with distinguished northern charm. Eshafan with majectic architecture. Every Iranian city differs from each other in its own, unique way. From desert oasis to crowded metropolis – we select top must-visit cities that cannot be missed on your Iranian trip.
17 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Iran 
No doubt you’ve heard a lot about Iran in the media. And it’s true, Iran is a truly evil and terrifying place. Here we present 19 reasons you should never, ever, visit this godforsaken land.

10 reasons why you should travel to Iran now  
You’ve been pondering, mulling over, thinking about it, even planning, yet you still haven’t booked your ticket to Iran. You don’t even know why, maybe holidays for you are synonymous with beach so you head to Thailand, maybe you think spices are only available in India, or maybe you think ancient history can only be experienced in Rome.

Top 5 Iran bazaars   

Needless to say, Iran bazaars were a feast of colors, fragrances, flavors, spices, herbs, blue decorations and, wait for it, carpets.

TOP 10 places to visit in Iran
If travel is most rewarding when it surprises, then Iran might just be the most rewarding destination on Earth. If you fancy travelling somewhere neither East nor West, and exotic and fascinating yet perfectly comfortable, read on...

Top 10 Things To Do And See In Qeshm
When most people think about travel in Iran, they think of Shiraz and Isfahan, the big brothers of Iranian history and civilization. Few think of Iran as an island destination when, in fact, there are two major islands: Kish and Qeshm. Both islands are free-trade zones, and foreign tourists require no visa for up to 14 days.


Top 10 Delicious Reasons to visit Iran

Top 10 Iranian Street Food
The extremely diverse Iranian street foods owe their origin to the extensively distinctive culinary traditions prevailing in the nation. These street fares are nutritious, healthy, and delicious. Simple, colorful, and tasty, these foods offer magnificent treats to the food lovers. Here are some of the delightful Iranian street food offerings…

Top 10 Iranian Street Food Falafel

10 Essential Iranian Dishes

A visit to Iran yields a staggering assortment of culinary joys. Between the well-known kebab and the firmly outré flame broiled sheep's gonads, there's a tremendous range of nourishments: caviar, pickle, and smoked fish in the north; samosas, falafel and hot and harsh shrimp in the south; noodles, flatbread and rosewater-scented dessert the nation over.

Baghali Polo (Rice With Dill And Fava Beans)

What is the Top 10 mosques I must visit in Iran?
The artistic demonstration in Islamic architecture has been demonstrated in the construction of mosques in countries such as India, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria and 'other countries. The main types of Islamic architecture are: mosque, tomb, palace and fort. Here, we become familiar with Ten Mezzes Amazing in Iran:


Top 10 Roads of Iran
Roads are always part of a trip for tourists.The roads lead us to the destination.Sometimes these roads are so beautiful that you will not notice its long paths
Iran due to its special geographic features, has special roads.
Roads that pass through high mountains or deep valleys, through massive forests, or even through the dry deserts in central of Iran.
Each of these roads have unique beauty and exclusive features that you must pass through them and recognize their beauties.

The 10 Most Beautiful Natural Wonders In Iran
If a tour of historical monuments does not attract your satisfaction.The vast, diverse natural scenery of Iran can offer you nature tours.These unique and Exclusive sight are widespread throughout the land of Iran.From the north to the south and from the east to the west from the peaks of the mountains to the central deserts of Iran.These natural phenomena can enchant you or drown you.This natural variation in Iran is one of the most important features of tourism in Iran.

Iran Top 10 Hotels
Iran has a variety of hotels with different characteristics
Each of these hotels will meet some of the needs of the travelers.Hotels with new buildings or old hotels that have been renovated, or traditional Iranian homes that have become the hotel.These traditional hotel houses are welcomed by tourists.

The most beautiful mosques in Iran
Beautiful, amazing, glorious, the arches, mosaic tiles,  circular domes, the structural features of pre-Islamic architecture in Iran.The Iranian architecture dates back to 5000 BC,and had a tremendous impact in the architecture of India, Turkey, and Tajikistan until Zanzibar.
"Supreme Iranian art, in the true sense of the word, has always been its architecture." The supremacy of architecture applies to pre- and post-Islamic periods, "said Arthur Pope, a pioneering American expert on Iranian art .

These 10 reasons make Iran your next holiday destination
In the past few years, Iran has had a great deal of interest in the tourism industry and it’s long overdue.The ancient heart of the once-mighty Persian Empire is a land of dramatic landscapes.A wonderful land with an ancient history, kind and hospitable people.
These are very few reasons why you should travel to this beautiful land.

Top 10 Iran historical sites from the point of view of some American travelers
Traveling to Iran means drowning in a thousand-year-old culture, visiting the best Islamic architecture, varied delicious food and enjoying a truly hospitality.
In Iran, the first thing that you see is the smile of local people to tourists will accompany you anywhere you go,Your biggest problem in Iran is your lack of time
During your trip you can not see all of Iran's historical sites or try more delicious Iranian cuisine.The word mam’noon—thank you—is the most important Farsi word you can learn before you visit.

Iranian Stairs villages

Whenever we speak about Stairs villages with their beautiful and attractive architecture,everyone is remembered the Masuleh and ultimately Abyaneh.But due to the special mountainous situation in many regions of Iran there are a number of other specific with its own feature and specialties.

10 Top ski slopes in Iran
Skiing is one of the oldest sports in Iran and in  mountainous regions of Iran has special significance.Although Iran is a desert country,but in mountainous areas it has high, long and international level ski Resorts.
Ski resorts in Iran are the best in the Middle East.

10 Top ski slopes in Iran

The most famous Jewish tomb in Iran
Many of Iran's cities have Jewish tombs or related to Judaism in some way.The most famous of these places are located in cities like Qazvin, Hamadan, Tuyserkan and Isfahan.These include the tomb of Esther and Mordechai in Hamadan, the tomb of Daniel in Susa, the tomb of Habakkuk in Tuyserkan and the mausoleum of Peighambariyeh in Qazvin.

Tomb of Esther and Mordechai

10 ancient Iranian artworks, before the advent of Islam in Iran

The history of Iran can be divided into two parts: written and unwritten history.
The unpublished part of Iran consists of more than 8000 years of history, which is confirmed by the objects and historical art-works discovered in different parts of Iran(Sialk hills 8000-12000, Lorestan metal objects, Historical objects of Jiroft region,).
But the written and documented part of Iran's history, which has written and existing documents is about 1250 years BC and from the Ilam period and the most important document of this period, is the temple of Choghazenbil in Khuzestan.

16 Reasons for Trip to Iran
Iran as one of the oldest countries in the world with deep history - culture - Art and unique rich architecture in the history of the world is one of the most important and attractive tourist destinations for all travelers. Why All Love Iran















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