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11 Things Not to Do When Booking a Hotel
hotel front desk bellMany of the most typical travel purchases are pretty simple commodities -- albeit commodities with wildly varying prices. Unless you are upgraded somehow, on the whole a flight is a flight. Similarly, unless you are upgraded

10 Hidden Ways to Save at Hotels
Our story on how to get the best hotel rate contains most of the standard tips to start with when you're trying to save on a hotel. But if you've been traveling for a while, you're probably looking for a few more advanced strategies to shave a few bucks off your hotel bill.
 33 Ways to Sleep Better at a Hotel
sleep man bed hotel teacupRattling ice machines. Grinding, dinging elevators. Bachelorette parties down the hall. The sleep gods have their work cut out for them if you're expecting to snooze well while staying at a hotel.

Seven Smart Reasons to Join a Hotel Rewards Program
hotel room fruitI recently became a member of and piled up a lot of points in a hotel rewards program, and it was a revelation. The more I read about the program, the more I wondered why anyone (including me) would choose airline points over hotel points.

Hidden Hotel Fees
These are just a few of the pesky fees that hotels are tacking onto travelers' bills.
Which fees might apply to your stay, and more importantly, how can you avoid them? Read on...


 Why You Still Need a Travel Agent
I use my travel agent on about 50 percent of all my trips that involve air, so when CNN marveled that travel agents may be making a comeback, I had to agree.


 When Do You Need a Tour Guide?

Not sure when you need a guide? Here are my suggestions to help you figure out when to hire a tour guide and when to go it alone.
When to Hire a Guide


10 Simple Tips for a Smoother Trip

travel traveler airport suitcases luggage woman trip vacationTravel is full of major decisions -- like which country to visit, how much to spend, and when to stop waiting and finally make that all-important airfare purchase. But beyond the big picture, it's the little things that can make a trip easier and less stressful. Following are 10 simple but clever tips to smooth the way on your next vacation.

10 Things to Do Before You Travel
Plan AheadAirfare, hotel accommodations and rental cars may be the holy trinity of travel preparation, but nailing down these aspects of your vacation is only the beginning of the trip planning process. If you want to achieve a smooth, headache-free trip (and who doesn't?), taking care of essential tasks like researching activities at your destination, managing your finances and getting your home in order is key. Don't leave home without accomplishing the following 10 tasks!
What Not to Do in a New City
Any visit to a new city is defined -- and driven -- by a long list of do's. Most likely, you will want to do the museums, do a few tours, do dinner and drinks, basically do everything you possibly can before the vacation clock runs out. To paraphrase a popular saying: You can do nothing when you're back home.

How to Create the Perfect Itinerary
smartphone world map gps Ever noticed how some folks make the toughest trips seem like a leisurely walk in the park? We'll wager that nine out of 10 times, those travelers created a near-perfect itinerary before they even started packing.

How to Make Your Dream Trip a Reality
happy travelersWhether it is written down or just lurking somewhere in your subconscious, many travelers have a travel bucket list of sorts -- a wish list of trips they absolutely must take in their lifetime. But even the most serious world travelers often find themselves taking more conventional vacations than those found on their bucket list.

Nine Things to Do When No One Speaks English
bienvenido sign spanishYou've always gotten by with your high school French or Spanish overseas, but what if you're in a place so remote no one speaks anything but the local language and you haven't taken the time to learn more than "hello" and "thank you"?

 Traveling in a Developing Country: 11 Dos and Don'ts
Visiting a developing country can provide some of the most authentic cultural experiences and human interactions on the planet. But it also can pose challenges, especially to those unaccustomed to the rigors of traipsing through countries with modest economies, or widespread poverty, or few tourism facilities. Or all of the above.

Money Safety Tips for Travelers
Keep Your Money SafeThat little girl who came up to you in Rome looked so innocent -- until you realized that she was just distracting you while her father picked your pocket! Unfortunately, this type of petty crime is all too common around the world, especially in popular tourist areas.

What Not to Do at Your Hotel
hotel door do not tryHome is where the heart is, but your hotel is a place where you should definitely use your head -- and, perhaps, a black light. The purpose of this piece is not to strike fear into the hearts of happy-go-lucky vacationers.

15 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling Solo
great wall of china solo traveler Solo travel is a growing and compelling mode of travel in the 21st century. As our daily lives become more fragmented and sometimes isolated, it may seem counterintuitive that solo travel can be an antidote to how alone we find ourselves in many ways.

Get the Best Airplane Seat
We've all been there -- the small child kicking the back of your seat, the lack of legroom, the war over the armrest. While there's no fail-safe way to guarantee that aisle seat in the exit row near the front of the plane with no one sitting next to you, we have some tactics that will help. Check out our tips for getting the best seat on the plane -- and then share yours in the comments below!


Bad Wi-Fi a No-Go for Tourist Destinations
passengers at airport baggage counterI remember the days when free wireless Internet in a hotel lobby, let alone your own room, was a luxury. Now, the lack of available Wi-Fi in any corner of a country is a deterrent to visitors who are used to the privilege.

10 Things You Should Never Wear When Traveling Abroad
Traveling abroad isn't as simple as buying a ticket and hopping on a plane. Safety should be a key consideration no matter where you travel, and part of staying safe in an unfamiliar place is dressing to blend in -- or, at least, not dressing to stand out.

What Not to Pack
The goal is simple: to visit your destination without a suitcase so stuffed that you emit strange animal sounds trying to heave it into the overhead compartment -- and with plenty of clean socks and underwear. But if only it were that easy! If you've struggled over which clothes to bring or how many gadgets is too many, you're certainly not alone. Packing for a trip is often a struggle to distinguish what we want to bring from what we need to bring.

Six Lies Your Hotel Might Tell You
lying pinocchio liarEver been hoodwinked by a hotel? Maybe you booked a stay on the strength of its beautiful website, showing photos of sumptuous rooms and promising a location within walking distance of a major museum -- only to arrive and realize that your digs were the size of a closet and "walking distance" was a 25-block schlep.

Keep Your Home Safe on Vacation: 9 Essential Tips
If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong while you're on vacation -- which is arguably the worst time a household calamity can strike. Coming home from your honeymoon, African safari or Mediterranean cruise can be gloomy. Your Home Safe on Vacation.jpg
10 Things Not to Do at Airport Security
Airport security is a necessary nuisance travelers must accept if they wish to be able to fly around the world safely. The best any flier can hope for is to get through security as quickly and painlessly as possible. That means being prepared and avoiding mistakes that will slow you and everyone else down, and maybe even get you into trouble with the TSA. Things Not to Do at Airport Security.jpg
How to Save Money on Solo Travel 
Solo travel can have any number of upsides -- less advance planning, more spontaneous decision making, a loose schedule and, many say, a heightened sense of what is going on around you, which is one of the fundamental reasons to travel in the first place. Not having to share every moment with someone else can sometimes let you hone in on the things that you really want to see and do, and to test yourself in the world as well.


 Why it's better to be a tourist than a traveler 
Nowadays, there seems to be a raging debate about the differentiation between “tourists” and “travelers.”
Tourists are believed to be culturally insensitive, unwilling to step out of their comfort zones, and always traveling in packs.

Travelers, on the other hand, are lauded for their adventurous and independent spirit, their insatiable curiosity, and their ability to immerse themselves culturally. Burnt city.png
 The 5 Worst Packing Problems and How to Solve Them
If a safety officer finds your five ounce bottle of designer perfume and removes it from your pouch, is it forever lost? Not necessarily.
We do not recommend to argue with a TSA officer about something easily interchangeable like a jumbo size tube of toothpaste but if he or she seizes something that has value for you,
 Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a Flight
Even for so-called expert travelers, booking airfares can be a nerve-wracking and budget-busting experience these days. Where once a little bit of know-how routinely resulted in airfares so low you almost couldn't afford not to travel, more recently airline mergers, capacity controls and route reductions have made finding ultra-cheap airfares much more difficult.
 10 Things to Do Before You Travel






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