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as promised, a short report on my recent trip in Iran.

I brought with me my D7100 and the usual Sigma 17-50 F2.8 EX OS, plus the Nikon 55-200 VR and polarizers.

The country is overall very safe, I never felt in danger, but of course I was also keeping an hand on the handle of the camera bag every time I was in a busy place. I had no problems using the camera inside bazaars and other touristic or crowded places. The only thing to remember is to be careful inside religious places (photos may be allowed according outside celebrations, or not allowed at all) and in restricted places like military installations.

People are very friendly and they will welcome you to their country/city if they notice you are a foreigner. However there is a trend among younger people to snap photos of you with cellphones (or even record videos) without asking. So basically is like in western countries.
You may consider the place also when stopping talking with locals: often they just want to know more about different cultures or about western society, but if you are in a touristic place during working hours (9-21) they may be just interested in bringing you to their shop. However they are not pushy and won't drag you there (something common in arab countries). Even if you go to their shop, they will politely try to convince you to buy, but without being pushy. And you get tea for free With a lot of sugar, as in every drink.

Transportation is cheap, but do learn the numbers and try to get better rates: even if it means for you going down from 2€/$ to 1.5 €/$ per taxi trip, it is not fair to overpay drivers, otherwise they will start privileging too much tourists and fight for them, leaving locals waiting

Between cities you can hire a taxi but coaches are MUCH cheaper and comfortable (you get a snack and drink on longer trips).

The trip was very cheap, about 1100 Euro for two weeks including flights, and brought 1100 photos A full 32 GB SD card.

The D7100 did a very good job there (ADL=Auto to just avoid clipping but without need of manual intervention) and the full-res shots have a lot of fine details, thanks to the 24 Mpx and to the Sigma 17-50 that is ultra-sharp. The 55-200 however now looks so poor... no sharpness unless stopped down a lot, and even in that case, not very sharp anyway. But the Sigma 50-150 F2.8 is too expensive for the few shots I would take. And heavy.

Unfortunately I was too obsessed with sharpness and I forgot to close enough the aperture when I needed to, meaning that some panoramas I shot and stitched are not as focused as they should have been.

I post here some shots, more can be found in my gallery Iran or in Flickr. They have been all taken as RAW and postprocessed with LR4.

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