Iran Best Skiing Districts of Tehran

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Best Skiing Districts of Tehran

Out of six main skiing areas in Tehran .  We have chosen to introduce three of them to you.


In terms of the quality of the snow and the type of Pistes, Dizin is ranked the fourth in the world. Dizin is the number one ski resort in Iran ; it has been operational since 1969. It possesses the highest number of Pistes available in one resort. This is the main favourite for foreign skiers as it is the most famous and has the best available facilities. It has one of the highest Ski Pistes down which you can ski. Dizin is an area which offers the best social life for the youth. There are restaurants to go to and some do not even go there to ski. This Piste is good for beginner to Intermediate level skiers :  professionals might not find the most thrill out of it .





Ab AIi.




Number of Pistes ( Trails ) . 23

Highest Altitude: 12,000 feet

Vertical Drop , 900 m / 2,952 ft

Top Elevation: 3,600m / 11811 ft

Facilities :

3 Tele-cabins (Best for when the weathers is cold )

2 chairlifts

8 Surface Lifts

Two hotels

5 Restaurants

Cottage Villias

Nearest Airport : Tehran

Open Public Winter , Summer ??

Friday and Holidays

Target Activities Skiing Snow??






Shemshak :

Cranted an international title in 1996 , there is a certain Ski area snobbery involved with the different Pistes . For example the Shemshakis do not think highly of the people who ski in other Iranian Pistes . As Shemshak offers the hardest ski slopes with tough moguls and bends . You have to be a real expert in order to ski in this area. This area is around 45 minutes to an hours drive from Tehran. It is over crowded during the Iranian weekends ( Thursday and Friday ) .



Number of Pistes ( Tralls ) : 8

Highest Altitude 10006 ft

Lowest Altitude 8366 ft .

Top Elevation 3.500m  /  11.480 ft


2 Chair Lifts

2 Cable Lifts

Two hotels

4 Restaurants

Cottage Villas

Nearest Airport: Tehran

Open: November-April

Target activities cross - country skiing, skiing ,





Dizin and Shemshak districts seem to have Yearly international skiing competitions with various worldwide countries such as Italy, France, and Switzerland, Sponsors include global Companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Red bull , Modern Sport and many more . Dizin is also well known for its Grass skiing competitions during spring and Summer .

There a certain tours that can pick  you up from your hotel or home , and will rake and return you back to your initial location  some cover breakfast charges as  well.

Tochal :

Tochal is very close to the Tehran district . It is a very easy Piste in which to learn skiing . It opens really early during the year and closes very late . Therefore it is a good area for ski junkies who cannot get enough of skiing. Many amateurs can be trained here .

Number of Pistes (Trails) : 4

Venial drop . 213 n


1 Cable Car

2 . chair Lifts

2 .  Surface Lifts

One hotel

2. Restaurants

Nearest Air Port: Tehran

Open January - June ( Depending on the weather )

Target Activivities: Skiing , Snowbdsrding

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