The Jewel-Studded Globe

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The Jewel-Studded Globe

The jewel-filled globe is undoubtedly one of the most extravagant in the history of jewel creations in the world with a stunning 35 Kgs. Of gold and 51,000 jewels, which go into its production. The construction of the globe was ordered during the reign of Nasser-ed-Din Shah (1848-96), with the main thing to ensure the security of the enormous amounts of loose jewels in the Treasury. Nasser-ed-Din Shah, along with his great-grandfather, Fath Ali Shah (1797-1834), are credited with the greatest contributions to the re-assembly and enrichment of the Iranian crown jewels, after looting the wealth of Isfahan including the crown jewels of the Safavid dynasty In 1722, by the Afghan invader Mahmud.
The globe, together with its stand, has a height of 110 cm and a diameter of 45 cm, and like all other terrestrial globes is mounted with the axis tilted at 23.5? In the vertical, and carries a map of the earth on its surface. The globe itself is made of solid gold, but the stand and frame that holds the globe are made of wood covered with a layer of gold. The variety of jewels used in the world are diamonds, emeralds, rubies, spinels and sapphires. The land masses on the globe are crusted with rubies and spinels, the largest ruby ​​is 75 karat and spinel 110 karat. The oceans and seas are shown with emeralds, the largest emerald is 175 karat. One interesting feature of the globe is that the countries of Iran, the UK, France and some South Asian countries are shown in diamonds, and the largest diamond being used is about 15 carats.

The jewel-filled globe is perhaps the only one of its kind that exists today in the world, and undoubtedly the most glorious globe in existence.



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