The Kiani Crown

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The Kiani Crown

The Kiani crown, made of red velvet, has a height of 32 cm without the aigrette and a diameter of 19.5 cm, at the base, which corresponds to a circumference of 61 cm. The diameter of the crown gradually increases to the top of the crown to give the traditional shape of a crown. The outer frame of the crown ends in a wavy edge with alternative combs and troughs. The wavy edge of the crown is not the uppermost part of the crown. Within this edge, the semicircular "cap" of the crown is also made of velvet and is supported by two semicircular bands perpendicular to each other.

The outer frame of the crown has three horizontal rows of beads that go around the circumference of the crown. A row is at the bottom, a second below the wavy edge, and a third somewhere in the middle. Between the upper and middle horizontal bead rows narrower beads form a beautiful pattern around the circumference of the crown in approximately hexagonal regions. The wavy edge of the outer frame is also studded with beads. The two edges of the semicircular bands that carry the cap of the crown are also lined with pearls. In all the total number of pearls found on the crown is about 1,800, so much that one could characterize the Kiani Crown as essentially a "crown of pearls".
Besides beads, other jewels found on the crown are rubies, spinels, emeralds and diamonds. The total number of rubies and spinels (both red in color) found on the crown are about 1,800, and these are interspersed between the beads in symmetrical patterns. A large number of diamonds are also found on the crown, in mosaic patterns centered around large rubies or spinels between the two lower horizontal bead rows. There are also about 300 emeralds in the crown, but they are found mainly in the aigrette. The term aigrette means a spray of feathers or precious stones worn on a hat or crown. The Aigrette of the Kiani crown can be mounted or disassembled as soon as the need arises. The base of the aigrette is shaped like a butterfly, with the largest emerald on the crown, weighing around 80 carats in the middle. The emerald-colored feathers of the aigrette radiate from this butterfly-like base.

The Kiani crown, made by order of the Fath Ali Shah, is undoubtedly one of the most fabulous crowns ever made in the history of the monarchies of the world, and is a testimony to the excesses of the Qajar-Shahs, who are always one Pompous behavior.

During the coronation of Reza Shah Pahlavi, the officer of the Cossack Brigade, who is the absolute monarch of Iran after he had staged a coup that abolished the democratically elected national advisory council and replaced the nominee head of state, Ahmed Shah, Rulers of the Qajar Dynasty was designed a special crown and built for the occasion in 1925. But Reza Shah Pahlavi ordered that Fath Ali Shah's Kiani Crown should also be placed on the occasion and placed on a special pedestal during his coronation ceremony The Idea Behind the presence of the Kiani crown at the coronation ceremony was to give a semblance of legitimacy to his rise of the Iranian throne to be a complete outsider, and not a descendant of the Qajar dynasty. In any case, this was not the first time that such an assumption of power had taken place in the history of Iran. A precedent was set in 1736, when Nadir Qoli Beg of the Afsharid tribe pushed the young Abbas III from the throne and installed himself as the absolute monarch of Iran.

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