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Divan Restaurant   1 of 10 restaurants in Tehran
If you visiting tehran, do not miss this persian cuisine. its the best presentation of persian food and persian culture.
the atmosphere, decoration, service and food were all breath taking.
prepare yourself for great experience but remember its not cheap in price at all.
Alborz     2 of 10 restaurants in Tehran
The quality of foods and srvices are good, although the price is a little bit expensive. It is very crowded At Friday lunch and you should reserve it. The famous food ia Kebab and all kinds of it are delicious.
Shandiz Mashad    3 of 10 restaurants in Tehran
Shandiz restaurant has a beautiful ambiance, great service and wonderful food to taste
Shandiz is a kind of restaurant you can find it in all cities of Iran. The most popular food is kind of a lamb which is called Shishlik and it is very delicious.

Monsoon Restaurant     4 of 10 restaurants in Tehran
Monsoon is a great place to go to! Lovely outside seating area too.The modern asian style cuisine is a bit pricey (for Iran, not on western standards) but the food is simply amazingly delicious.
Dizi    5 of 10 restaurants in Tehran
A very nice and clean place, serves one of traditional Iranian dish " Abgoosht" or " Dizi" means ( meat water) . mixed of meat. beans, tomato and potato, serve with fresh bread and vegtables and pickels, must go and eat.

Sharaf El Islam    6 of 10 restaurants in Tehran
Great food, cheap price, in Bazar, rather old fashioned, an Iranian used to services and food will love it. How ever considering rush rush and rather impolite service, less than perfect sanitary situation, staring noisy crowd and cheap ambience makes it a totally non desirable place for tourists

Gilane     7 of 10 restaurants in Tehran
The authentic taste of foods, appetizers, pickles, drinks and desserts which somehow originate from north of Iran makes every diner to wow. The food is so delicious and well presented. The restaurant is very clean and staff are quite accommodating.

SPU Restaurant    8 of 10 restaurants in Tehran
SPU is located in one of the mountains which Tehran residents go hiking or walking on .As there are many trees and nature is lovely spring is best time to go there the weather is cool and view is nice .
Tamasha     9 of 10 restaurants in Tehran
The food quality is very good, the variety of the items on the salad bar is ok and the waiters are helpful.
I wondered to find a good restaurant in tehran with very good quality western and asian food. The price was reasonable and we had a very good time.
Nayeb Vozara     10 of 10 restaurants in Tehran
There are several Nayeb restaurants in Tehran and Nayeb Vozara is one the bests amongst them. the food is really good. It gets very crowded on weekends (13:30 to 14:30) but if you get there earlier than this period you will enjoy a great Kebab and Iranian rice.



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