Why Iranian traditional Hotel / House

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Why Iranian traditional Hotel / House

Iran is one of the oldest countries in the world with over 10,000 years old history.

Laleh House/hotel yazd

One of the characteristics of this ancient culture is its architectural features.
This feature of the architecture is clearly visible in the structure of the houses, which was used in order to respect the guests more.
Houses with the authentic and beautiful architecture based on Islamic standards and respect for neighbors and guests.

These houses consisted of several rooms that were used according to their needs at different times.
Summer and courtyard rooms for warm seasons and back rooms for winter seasons also special rooms with more decoration for special guests and other rooms that use by family members.

These old houses are nowadays become to very luxurious hotels that guests will not only have a comfortable and safe stay but also enjoy the rich culture and architecture of the country.

Almost all traditional Persian houses have been designed to fulfill the following essential characteristics:

1.Hashti and Dalan-e-vorudi: Upon entering the door, it is passed in a small space of closed transition call Hashti. Here, you have to redirect the steps of the street and in the corridor, called and DalanVorudi. In mosques, the Hashti allows the architect to convert the believer's steps with the correct orientation for prayer, giving the opportunity to purify before entering the mosque.

Āmeri House

2.Easy access to all parts of the house.
3. A central pool (howz) and the garden area with fig trees, pomegranates and vines.
4.Important partitions such as Biruni (outside) and andaruni (inside).
5.Specific orientation and back to Mecca.

In addition, the Persian house in central Iran has been designed to use an ingenious wind sensor system that creates unusually cold temperatures in the lower levels of the building. The thick, massive walls were designed to keep the heat from the summer sun while maintaining the internal heat in winter.

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