Why traveling to Iran is the most important journey of your life?

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Why traveling to Iran is the most important journey of your life?

All who travel to Iran have common ideas about the history, culture, and literature of Iran, and they are particularly interested in this historical profile of Iran.

Ancient Sights

If you are interested in learning more about the Empire of Iran, traveling to Iran is your best choice.You learn more about the formation, rise, and decline of the  Greatest Empire of the World or the Persian Empire.
The center of this largest empire in the world is Fars province.This province includes the best historical monuments left over from this vast empire.Persepolis is just one of such locations, which is one of the most famous Iran tourist attractions.
Also, you can see the remains of this empire in the west of Iran in the city of Hamedan as the summer capital.
In the southwest of Iran, the remains of Elamite culture introduces another kingdom of Iran.The ancient territories where Elam kings were ruling from was at this part of the country.This ancient land tells stories about the presence of rulers in different parts of Iran.You need to travel to Iran to hear these one and one-thousand nights stories.



Pioneers in architecture

Iranians have a particular architectural style, due to its special weather features.The people who travel to Iran can see the 8000-year-old historic hills where the people of Iran built their first houses and temples.The Palaces, temples or buildings give travelers great information about the cause and how to build these buildings.Some of the elements created for such structures were later used by Iranians in creating Islamic architecture in the Muslim world. Without those elements, there wouldn’t be any Islamic architecture evolved as it is today.

Ethnic groups diversity
During your trip to Iran, you will notice the diversity of different tribes in Iran.Persians, Kurds, Azeris, Arabs, Balochis, Gilakis, Armenians, Assyrians, Turcomans, etc are among these groups.They have their own dialects, languages, etc. And follow the traditions that have thousands of years.There are still a number of Nomads living in Iran that carry the same models of their ancestors.You can visit these groups in your tour schedule or even consider staying with them.Qashqai, Bakhtiari, Shahsavan, etc tribes are living in different parts of Iran and a visit to Iran may bring about a meeting with them.

Birthplace of Ancient Religions
Iran is the origin of some of the ancient religions that influence various nations, religions, cultures, etc. Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, and Manichaeism immerged in Iran.The cult of Anahita, goddess of water was conducted in Iran. Christianity was largely influenced by Mithraism.Today, most Iranians are Muslims and Shiites, Of course, the other followers of Islam are also in Iran.This branch of Islam is different from the majority of the Muslim world’s Sunnis.These ethnic differences are rooted in the history, culture, and customs of them and this is itself one of the attractions of Iran tourism.

Finally, Iran is not just a tourist destination, as But as an influential culture on other peoples and neighboring countries is a key to understanding other countries in the region.What you see here plus the impression you get from the Iranians in the streets will place a strong positive and rich impact in your mind and at your heart that you will not easily forget.

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