Magical charm of iran

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Magical charm of Iran

Iran is a fascinating country with an ancient history and artistic, cultural and archeological heritage. The true intersection of major civilizations and important religions and this ancient history is not accidental.This civilization still preserves thousands of years' remnants of Eastern empires along the Silk Road.

Teheran is the current political and administrative capital of the state: This city is full of excitement and ultra-modern.The city is continuously changing, and this is a sign of change towards further modernization.There are several museums that deserve a visit: among these, the Archaeological Museum is a unique museum that traces the roots of the country and preserves an extraordinary collection of clay artifacts, and also the Museum of Carpets that collects all types of carpets of the whole Iran.Golestan Palace a beautiful collection of royal palaces among beautiful gardens with old tall trees.
However, this is not enough to leave Tehran.But during the limited time of journey, you should visit other sights in Iran
Therefore, we restrict our Tehran's tour only with introduce other sights to this city:
- Azadi Tower
Glassware and Ceramic Museum
- Reza Abbasi Museum
- Treasury of National Jewels
- Saadabad Palace
-Niavaran Palace Complex
- Tehran’s Grand Bazaar
- Milad Tower
- Darband area
- Birds Garden
- Tuğrul Tower
- Saint Sarkis Cathedral
- St. Vartanants Church
- St. Nicholas Church
The Roof of Tehran; Panorama of Iranian Modernity

In central Iran lies the beautiful Isfahan, known as "the half of the world" according to an old and popular Persian saying: with its romantic atmospheres, in fact, appears as a sort of great desert oasis surrounded by the fairytale spirit of "A thousand and one nights".

Naghsh-e-jahan Sq

In the heart of this city have laid the most famous and largest squares in the world. where UNESCO preserve it for all the people of the world. This square is decorated with the most beautiful buildings in its time. Supreme َ Alighapoo Palace the most beautiful place in Safavid era, "Sheikh Lotfolah", the Royal private mosque,  Abbasi Jame mosque and Qeisarieh Bazar are the buildings that have decorated it in the best possible form.
The beauty of this city, which also known as Florence of Iran, is not limited to this square.In other parts of the city, there are historical events that are very beautiful and artistic.
The Jame mosque of Isfahan, a collection of historical works dating back 1400 years ago, other mosques in this city are also beautiful and spectacular.
The non-Islamic buildings of this historic city are also very valuable: Sassanid fire temple, the Armenian area of Jolfa and the Vankak Church are among these buildings.

Not far away is Kashan, whose name derives from the word Kashi which means tile. The archaeological findings on the hills of Tepe Siyalk, 4 km west of the town, reveal that this was one of the primary areas of civilization in prehistoric times. The walls of the fort Ghal'eh Jalali still stand in the city, built by order of Sultan Malik Shah I in the 11th century.

The other important historical monuments which should be visited are old historical houses.The beautiful and breathtaking homes, where you will feel the rich culture of Iran with all your existence.
In the central part of the country, an unmissable destination is the ancient Yazd which, even today, hosts the most important community of followers of Zoroaster. In the past it turned out to be one of the most important medieval caravan centers, becoming a point of reference for merchants and travelers. To visit the "Sacred Fire", the temple where there is a flame that burns from 470 AD, the "Towers of Silence" formed by two barren hills on which the Zoroastrians left their dead to the vultures.
The Jame mosque of Yazd beside the historic area of this city is a place that leads you to the depths of Yazd history.Walking in the old alleys of this old area leads you to Paradise, which you may never have seen in your dream.

In north-western Iran, Tabriz stands out, a town that preserves ancient buildings of undoubted fascination like the Kabud Mosque built in 1465: this building has a timorid era portal, a hall covered by a dome and decorations that have all the shades of blue. The grand bazaar in the city is famous because it was mentioned by Marco Polo in his book.

In the south, however, stands Shiraz, a pleasant town known for its gardens and the mildness of its climate: it was the capital under different dynasties and home of illustrious poets such as Saadi and Hafez. It preserves important monuments such as the Complex of Vakil, the majestic fortress of Karim Khan, the caravanserai of Moshir and the tomb of Ali Ebne Hamzeh.
It is not necessary to explain that near this city the "Persepolis" has a worldwide reputation.This collection of royal palaces, the capital of the largest empire in Asia and Iran, has been visited by millions of tourists coming to this city.

Of course, the beauties of this legendary land are not limited to these few lines.To visiting this fascinating historical land, you have to travel there, getting know with the hospitable people, and if you're lucky enough, stay at home for one night.

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