Hospitality, The brand of Iran tourism

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Hospitality, The brand of Iran  tourism

 There is a famous phrase in Iran, which we have heard too much. Guest is sent by God, means"The guest is considered by the God" and Iranian believe the food of guest will send by god there for they like the guest very much.

This mentality in Iranian culture has created a tradition called hospitality.This tradition of hospitality, which today represents the tourism industry in Iran, has been visible from the past to today in various layers of Iranian culture.

Iranian hospitality is visible in different sectors:

General hospitality, Architectural hospitality,Popular hospitality, Hospitality in the cuisine, Hospitality and parties and

Hospitality in handicrafts and other items.

In the field of hospitality, you will find that the Iranian culture, provides the best facilities for guests or Provides the best part of the home and best food for guests.Also in Iranian architecture, there are special spaces for guests that are usually designed in the best part of the house.

In public hospitality, which is commonly used by locals, respect to non-local people, respect to passengers, respect for women, respect to children and other items are visible that all are rooted in the Iranian hospitality culture.

If you travel to any of Iran's cities, you will be invited at least several times to tea or other local beverages and meals.

Of course, this invitation is not for business with you but is a kind of welcoming to you with a nice beautiful smile.

Iranians have different ceremonies and cultures for guests before their arrival until their departure, which it distinguishes them from other nations.

"Tarof" or saying welcome to the guest and welcoming ceremony to him from the moment the guest arrives at home is a ritual that is very important for Iranian.Also, the Iranians always welcome their guests with the best food and meal, even for him, they determine the best place at the house and the best carpet.

Therefore, Persian carpet in homes is a symbol of peace and friendship

  Because the Iranian host tries to prepare the most beautiful and best carpet for the guest as a friendship.

Iranian hospitality becomes global

The World Tourism Organization has agreed to the international registration of Iranian hospitality.

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