Which places in Iran encourage you to photography

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Which places in Iran encourage you to photography

A convenient camera is the most important requirements that every tourist have to carry it.
This device allows you to take pictures of special destinations, cultural scenes and also special scenes. It’s an opportunity that a rich country provides you.
Awareness of the places you visit will allow you to target your shot and make better pictures as well.
So, in order not to miss anything, especially the prominent historical sites in Iran, we are going to offer a checklist here that assures you of covering the 10 must-see tourist attractions in Iran for your visit.

1-Museums with Various historical cultural Objects

There are many different types of museums in the world.And also there are a variety of museums in Iran.

A: Historical museums: All major tourist cities in Iran have a historic museum. You can visit historical monuments of the city in these museums and learn more about its history.

B: Museums of Ancient Places: These museums include historic sites, which include an important part of the history of a country
in Iran Persepolis, Pasargad, Historic palaces, Hills and dozens of other places considered as museums.

C: Anthropology Museums: This model of museums exists in most cities of can become more familiar with the lifestyle of people dressing up and other cultural attributes in these museums.

D: Art Museum: In these museums, you can find the most beautiful art-works as Painting, Miniature, Handicrafts, Books, Ceramic, tile,
  Carpet, and also visit thousands of other valuable historical effects.

2- UNESCO Sites

More than 20 historical sites of Iran have been registered at the UNESCO World Organization. Some of these sites are pre-Islamic and some to post-Islam.
Among these important places Tchogha Zanbil, Takht-e Solomon, Susa, Persepolis, Pasargadae and Naqsh-e Jahan Square are the most famous of them.


3- Palaces of Previous Rulers in Iran

The palaces are among the Iranian historical and cultural museums that you can visit them.Most of these museums are located in Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz.





4. Persian Gardens

Although Iran is a desert country, Iranian gardens are the most famous ones in the world and the UNESCO has also recorded some of them.Iranian gardens are like paradise in the desert which attracts all travelers.

5. Religious places of other religions
One of the most important cultural features of Iran is the presence of different religions in Iran.
So if you interested in different religions, you can see the church of Christianity, Jewish synagogues, Zoroastrian fire temple and the Mosque of Muslims.

6.Tombs of Famous People:

The rich history of Iran completed with the presence of various celebrities such as scientists of the poets of doctors and other celebrities.During the history of this country, there have been some famous people whose tombs are now highly visited as Hafez & Sadi,Avicena, Babataher.

7- Natural Landscapes

Each part of Iran has some special natural attractions, the desert, Sea, Mountain,
  Plain, and every part you visit. It just depends on your taste and interest. The variety of natural landscapes are so great that meets almost all expectations.

8. Villages

Apart from so many breathtaking attractions in the cities, the villages can also fascinate you. An exceptionally relaxing atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and local craftsmanship are part of the fun you can enjoy.

9. Local Bazaars

Markets in Iran are the heart of the cities.These places are the brand of the culture and the customs of every city's people.They are tempting enough to persuade you to buy something. some of these bazaars are unique in souvenirs they offer. In addition to shopping, the architecture can be also attractive to you on some occasions because they’re also categorized as historical sites in Iran. So walk, talk, take the photo, test foods and be sure you would be invited to drink a hot friendly tea by one.

10. Handicrafts & Arts in Workshops & Art Galleries
This will be the last and best part of your photography. The most beautiful art-works of  Iranian master craftsmen will be recorded in your photos

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