Food Tourism industrial in Iran

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Food Tourism industrial in Iran
Food is one of the main characteristics of the societies' culture.
If we consider the tourists' goal "to become familiar with the culture of each region" We need to get help from the regional food well.

Traveling with new food flavors is one of the attractions of travel. A bad memory of an undesirable food on the trip can create restrictions on the re-selection of tourism. The most important memory of traveling to a country is the combination of sights and food flavors.

A Complete Guide to the Iranian Kebab
Different parts of the supply of food ingredients cooking food, recipe, Provide and food consume has a very close relationship with the culture of each region and especially the popular culture.
For many tourists, getting to know these steps is so appealing that a large part of the world's tourism industry is dedicated to tourism or food tourism.
Food also represents many of the local views and beliefs of the tourism area.For example, for a Muslim passenger is very important that her/his food be prepared under the laws of the Sharia.

"Food" as the first need of people, Not just a consumable material.It also represents the culture and customs of the region's people.Accordingly, one of the important criteria for traveling is food
And food tourism is one of the types of tourism, and with increasing leisure time and the need of humans to a friendly environment, it is growing day by day.

Perian Cuisine 

Food tourism is a public and Comprehensive activity, covering all aspects of food from automated sales vehicles, vendors, and luxury or first-class restaurants.And anyone who deals with food is part of the industry.The interest of tourists in food and food tourism has caused 86 percent of tourists to introduce "food" as one of their best tourism experiences.Considering these figures, food can be a symbol and a brand for introducing the tourism destinations.
Food tourism, which is a branch of the tourism industry, has attracted the incoming tourists and travel agents to Iran in recent years.

Iranian Cooking Style is one of the Seven Wonders!
In fact, it is one of the complete cookies in the world, and many of the world's top cookies are rooted in Iranian cooking, especially in Arabic, African and even Indian countries.All Iranian colonies have had been affected by Iranian culinary style.And today, we see Iranian cooking all over the world, even in Europe.

  A foodie tour of Iran

Iranians are among the first ethnic groups to create a more detailed categorization of food types.They also introduce many nutritional raw materials such as Pomegranate sauce, Saffron, Spinach, Celery, Caviar, And other food derivatives.
Iran with 2500  types of food is one of the 3 main food styles in the world, Iranian researchers active in the field of food believe, there are over 2500 types of food and 109 types of beverages and a wide variety of types of bread and sweets in Iran.Iranian cooking style is one of the three main methods of cooking food alongside the Roman and Chinese cooking way.
In fact, for a tourist, No matter where is he going to go, can be sure that would have a unique and memorable local cuisine.Iran can be as a destination for food tourists due it's diverse climates and subcultures.The regions of Iran has a wide variety of food and beverages due to the diverse range of different ethnic and climates.on a trip to different parts of Iran from north to south, a wide range of foods that rooted in the climate and culture of the people is quite evident.
In the northern provinces of Iran, especially in Gilan province, known as" capital of cooking", more than 400 types of food are prepared.which many of them rooted in the different Caspian Sea fish or in the Poultry of the area.All these foods are served with yoghurt, Local cheese, Dough(Persian coke), Types of Olives, and also decorated with different local fragrant vegetables that increase your appetite.

Also In the southern provinces of Iran in the coast of the Persian Gulf, offers a variety of wide range of local foods in different tastes with a close taste to Indian flavors.

In the central part of Iran, BBQ cooked meats will keep in your mind an unforgettable travel to these areas.
Along with these foods, vegetarian beverages and herbal drink are consumed which has therapeutic Property, some of these are: different kind of tea(green, black, fruit tea, herbal tea)Rose Water, Rosa canina Distilled, Mint Distilled, Citrus aurantium Distilled, Salix Aegyptiaca l Distilled.

There are also a large number of desserts in many different cities of Iran, some of which are accompanied by food, and some are available for various occasions and events.
Needless to explain that an important part of the tourists' perception about the quality of a destination returns to their experience of destination's food.The basic point is the quality of food, Lacking attention to this can endanger the lives of tourists and the tourists do not record a memorable journey in their mind.Also, creating a positive permanent tasty experience increases the likelihood of their return.
A delicious food in a hearty environment with good service is an experience that will not be erased from the memory of tourists so soon.

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