A few ideas for exciting tours in Iran

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A few ideas for exciting tours in Iran

The tourism industry in Iran has very high potential for growth and development.
According to the World Tourism Organization, Iran ranked tenth of the ancient and historical attractions and ranked fifth in the natural attractions of the world.
The special geographic location and cultural and historical features in Iran have led Iran to incorporate various models of the tourism industry.
The tall mountains, deep valleys, raging rivers, vast deserts and massive forests, along with the 12,000-year-old history, and besides these features, the hospitable people have made it possible to apply a variety of tourism models to this country.
You can enjoy various types of tourism in Iran and have a memorable trip to Iran.

Architecture and culture

Religious and historical places in Iran belonging to different religions, ancient palaces and gardens since 2500 BC, the tombs of great Iranian poets and prominent figures will be the most important feature of this part of your journey.

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Walking in Desert

Walking in the central outskirts of Iran such as the Central Desert and Lut near the cities of Yazd and Kerman and visiting the sand hills and the sentimental strolling on them without shoes.

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Valley of the Assassins

Visiting one of the most horrific Iranian castles in the Alborz Mountains"Hasn-e - Sabah castles" or Assassins castle which has been the center for the first deployment of partisans in the world for many years. The trip includes a stay with the Shahsevan nomadic tribe, a visit to Tabriz’s blue mosque and Unesco world heritage bazaar.

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Get ready for a cheap trip to Iran
Get your visa at the airport. Enjoy convenient public transport and get a companion and talk with a popular guest.
Do not be afraid of just traveling in Iran. The real Iran is different from what you heard.

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Iran by train, from Turkey

After boarding the train in Ankara, passengers travel to Tehran to explore the archeological sites, before taking a sleeper to Isfahan for its iconic covered bridges and huge Naqhsh-e Jahan Square. The unique desert architecture of Yazd is a short train ride away; the final train trip is to Shiraz, the city of flowers and poetry.

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Mediterranean Iran

The Caspian Sea in the north of Iran with the most expensive caviar in the world is the most well-known place for tourists.
Hirkani forests,local lakes, traditional cuisine and hospitable people have created an unforgettable paradise for tourists at Mazandaran Gillan and Golestan provinces.

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Climb Mount Damavand

Damavand's volcanic and mythical peak near Tehran is one of the top 10 peaks in the world
This historical peak has a special place in Iranian history.It takes four days to reach the summit of the highest mountain in the country, at 5,671 meters.Base camp is two hours from Tehran, making Damavand one of the most accessible 5,000-metre-plus mountains in the world.

A trek to Iran's highest peak


An exciting horseback riding program with Iranian noble horses in the plains and plateaus of Iran, A journey with full of adrenaline.A memorable stay among the tribes and Nomad will make your journey unforgettable.

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Skiing in Iran

Iran: Best Skiing Opportunity in The Middle East
Iran is quite a different country in the region when it comes to the possibilities of skiing in The Middle East! There are lots of huge mountains with high peaks and appropriate slopes for different types of skiing.Dizin, with lifts to 3,600 meters and Shemshak, at 3,050 meters, are Iran’s most famous resorts, with chalets, hotels and equipment hire. They are both near Tehran and access is straightforward.

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Religious and cultural ceremonies in Iran are rooted in the ancient history of these people.
These ceremonies somehow create a sense of happiness in people.They range from the Gol-o-Golab (Rose and Rosewater) festival in Kashan in May to the Chak Chak fire temple festival near Yazd in June, which celebrates the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism.

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The countries that offer a wide variety of types of tours are very limited.But Iran is one of those particular countries due to its special features. Then your trip to Iran would be one of your most important trips.



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