Yalda Night the hottest festival at the longest night of the year

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Yalda Night the hottest festival at the longest night of the year

Yalda or Shab-e-chele is one of the oldest Iranian festivals from thousand years ago up to now.This old ceremony holds in the darkest night of the year at Sunset from December 30th until the sunrise on the first day of the winter.
The longest and darkest ceremony of Iran is a time that all friends and family gather at the oldest member of the family(Grand father or mother) and eat, drink, read poetry(Hafez & Shahnameh) until the midnight and talk about the stories and also listen to the stories of grand fathers or mothers.

The longest and darkest night of the year marks "the opening night of the initial forty-day period of the three-month winter," from which the name Chella, "forty" derives. There are three periods of 40 days. in summer, and two in winter.
The Yalda Night, which was celebrated as one of the holy nights in ancient Persia, officially appeared in the ancient Iranian calendar from the year 502 BC during the time of Darius I to the official Iranian calendar.The celebrations held this night are an ancient tradition.These celebrations generally have cultural and historical roots among the Iranian people and inherited from their ancestors.
In the Zoroastrian tradition, the longest and darkest night of the year was a particularly unfavorable day, and the practices of what is now called "Shab-e Chelleh / Yalda" were at the origin customs designed to protect people from harm during this long night. It was imagined that the evil forces of Ahriman were at their peak.
People were advised to stay awake most of the time, lest misfortune befall them, and people would gather safely with groups of friends and relatives, share the last fruits of the summer and find ways to spend the night together in good company.
One of the most important parts of the celebration, which may have shaped the event, is the existence of various foods and meals.Foods and fruits that are wintered and have an effective role in Iranian culture.A wide variety of fruits and treats specially prepared or preserved for the night are served. Foods common to the celebration include watermelon, pomegranate, nuts and dried fruits. These items and more are usually placed on a korsi, where people sit.
These fruits, which often have a lot of seeds, are a magic that the
humans, by appealing to their blessings and perfection, bless themselves like them and increase their power of the punch.Also, pomegranate and watermelon in red are representatives of the sun at night.Yalda's Celebration is a completely alive celebration, and all Christians in the world will celebrate such a celebration on the night of the birth of Christ.

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