The most beautiful and most imaginative roads in Iran

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The most beautiful and most imaginative roads in Iran

Roads are always part of a trip for tourists.The roads lead us to the destination.Sometimes these roads are so beautiful that you will not notice its long paths
Iran due to its special geographic features, has special roads.
Roads that pass through high mountains or deep valleys, through massive forests, or even through the dry deserts in central of Iran.
Each of these roads have unique beauty and exclusive features that you must pass through them and recognize their beauties.

Chalous Road

1-Chalous Road
Dense forests, fruit-rich gardens, roaring rivers, waterfalls, fountains, ancient hills, beautiful symbols, tall mountains and pleasant climbs all gathered on the Chalus Road to become one of the most beautiful roads in the world.The Chalus road is known not only in Iran, but also in the world as one of the most beautiful roads in the world.This road, which is one of the weekend hangouts of Tehran and Karaj people, has all the blessings of a road,Waterfall, jungle, fruit garden, river, hill mountains and pleasant weather.
This road is built more than 80 years ago.

Khalkhal-Asalem Tourism Road

2-Khalkhal-Asalem Tourism Road

The Khalkhal-Asalem tourism road, which connects Khalkhal city in Ardabil province to Islam in the province of Gilan, is known as the most dreamy forest road due to the special conditions and mountainous climate and the combination of wildlife with today's plain.
The virgin and intact nature, the wild beauties of the forest, the traditional native people, the production of honey, the presence of waterfalls and lakes, vast plains of flowers and rare plants are some of the features that tourists can do on a 70 km road in one place all this Benefits and sightseeing.
This road, which is cool because of its mountainousness even in the summer with cold weather, is closed most of the time, especially in the second half of the year, due to snowfall and flooding, and passengers can only enjoy its beauty in these seasons.
Aslam's road to Khalkhal is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Iran, which is still unknown and perhaps the biggest property of this road.
Green headlands and white sheep flocks seen on the hills,The landscape of the villages and the wooden cottages of the villagers and the fog that whitens the valleys,the fog that cover all roads and forests as like as night.It is part of the beauty of this dream road.
You can relax in the small huts and enjoy the beauty of this area.

Jandagh-Moaleman Road

3-Jandagh-Moaleman Road

Experience the Desert Silence here.
Beautiful and dreamy road "Jandagh - Moaleman(Teachers)" in Damghan city is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran, which passes through the heart of the central desert of Iran and connects south and north.
Jandagh-Moaleman Road is a cluttered and beautiful road with endless horizons and unique views, endless muddings and charming mirages.
This road is started from Jandag near Khor and Biabanak city of Isfahan province and continues to Moaleman Village near Damghan province of Semnan.
About 200 km of the road is a variety of exotic desert textures,Sometimes there is not even a plant, and sometimes you are in the midle hills.
This road is the shortest passage through the desert. In the past, caravans have traveled from Jandag to Moaleman Village, then to Bidistan or Varamin, to travel shorter distances in the desert.
Enjoy the wonderful, lush and beautiful desert pictures, do not miss the Jandag Road to Moaleman.

Iranian Deserts at a Glance

Shahdad Road

4- Shahdad Road
If you want to see one of the most beautiful roads in the desert, you should pass through the Shahdad Road to Nehbandan and enjoy watching the desert.Shahdad Road to Nehbandan passes from places where nature's lovers wish to see them.
The road passage from the world's largest clown phenomenon known as the Shahdad Kalouts are one of the unique features of this road.
105 kilometers from Kerman to east and then north-east thenconect us to the historic and wonders city ,Shahdad.
Although autumn is the most suitable season for desert tourism, spring is also a good opportunity to visit the most beautiful desert of Iran and perhaps the world.
Shahdad with 24,000 square kilometers in southeastern Iran and northeastern Kerman is one of the largest parts of the country and the most ancient part of Kerman province.

see passengers notes:

Hajij Road

5- Hajij Road

Kurdistan Province With its mountainous nature has unique and exclusive beauties.A Province with high mountains and deep valleys and permanent watery rivers.
Hajij village is one of the unique villages in Iran, which is based on the principles of staircase architecture and is just made by the rocks.
If you are planning a trip to Hajij, you should go to Kermanshah and then take yourself to Paveh by a 25 Km mountainouse road.This village is one of the most attractive places in Kermanshah province and is one of the most interesting places in Uramanat.Hajij Village is one of the steppe villages with rocky mountains.
Due to lack of land, the roof is considered to be the backyard of every home, naturally the playground for children and the promenade of the parents.

Haraz Road

6-Haraz Road

Haraz is an excellent rocky district in focal Alborz Mountains in northern Iran, it is found halfway capital city Tehran and the Caspian Sea. It pulls in an extraordinary number of voyagers each end of the week, due its common wonders and scenes, it is notable for Mt Damavand, Haraz Rivers, Haraz Valley, Haraz Road, Larijan Thermal Springs, Damavand and Ski AbAli Ski Resort and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

This street is one of the 4 primary streets which interfaces capital city Tehran to the Caspian Sea in the north of Iran, it is a mountain street which goes through Haraz Valley close by the Haraz River. As a rule, there is a substantial car influx on this thin primary street amid Iranian occasions and ends of the week (Thursday and Friday), so the street is swung to one-route heading by police in the pinnacle of activity to facilitate the development of the vehicles.

Tooskestan Road

7-Tooskestan Road
On the slopes of the northeast of Alborz, in the middle of Gorgan and Shahrood, you can travel among one of the most beautiful Iranian forest roads, especially in autumn, with all its colorfulness.13 km after Gorgan, the road to the south and the province of Semnan passes through the name of Tushkestan, which reaches the city of Shahrud after a mountain road.Autumn is the best season to travel to this area.

Heyran Road

8- Heyran Road
Heiran is a beautiful village in the city of Astara located in the province of Guilan.
The tourist region of Heyran is located 30 kilometers west of Astara in the province of Gilan. It has three villages: The Lower Heyran, Middle Heyran and Upper Heyran.

Heyran Pass is one of the most important tourist attractions of these villages and is located on the road linking Astara and Ardabil, according to the Tasnim news agency.

It faces the forested mountains on one side and a valley on the other side where the Aghchai River flows and forms the border between the province of Gilan and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

This passage is covered by fog most of the time although its altitude is not very high (the highest point is about 1,500 meters above sea level). The main reason for this permanent fog blanket is the moisture that drifts from the Caspian Sea.

Half of the forests and pastures in this region are on the Iranian side while the other half is in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Khoor & Biabanak Road

9-Khoor & Biabanak Road
The desert roads are not only beautiful due to the desert tissue around them.You can not believe that the road does not pass through the sea, if you are on the road in a winter or autumn sunset.But until you touch it, you will not believe that only salt has taken over your vision.

10- Your selected road
In Iran, there are many beautiful roads that attract the attention of every passenger.
To know more, introduce the tenth road to your friends.
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