Top 10 Iran historical sites from the point of view of some American travelers

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Top 10 Iran historical sites from the point of view of some American travelers

Traveling to Iran means drowning in a thousand-year-old culture, visiting the best Islamic architecture, varied delicious food and enjoying a true hospitality.
In Iran, the first thing that you see is the smile of local people to tourists will accompany you anywhere you go, Your biggest problem in Iran is your lack of time
During your trip, you can not see all of Iran's historical sites or try more delicious Iranian cuisine.The word mam’noon—thank you—is the most important Farsi word you can learn before you visit.
Iran will surprise and captivate you, perhaps like nowhere else on Earth.
Here is a list of top 10 Iran historical sites from the point of view of some American travelers.

The National Jewels Museum (Tehran)

To visit this museum, you have to go to the basement of the National Bank of Iran.You will find the reason for this replacement after going to this museum.
This is one of the breathtaking museums in the world.
A world of historic jewels with hundreds of books of fairy tales and stories, Jewelry that nobody can set price for them.
The museum presents the Jewels of the Crown, a dazzling collection with pieces dating back more than 500 years. Some of the most spectacular pieces include the Pahlavi Crown, the Daria-i-Noor (one of the largest diamonds in the world, with a distinctly pale pink color) and the Grand Globe (which is solid gold and decorated with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds).

Naqsh-E-Jahan Square (Esfahan)
known as Maidan Imam, in the center of Esfahan, a city known for its architectural wonders.Naqsh-E-Jahan means “Image of the World.”The largest square of the 17th century includes the most beautiful works of art and architecture of Isfahan.
This field conquers the heart of every visitor.The 4 most important historical works of Isfahan are located at the foot of this square, Ali qhapoo Palace, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfolah Mosque and Bazar of Isfahan.





Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (Esfahan)

A mosque dedicated to the royal family and private mosque for the ladies of the royal court.
Without any minaret or yard, absolutely different from the architecture of mosques in Iran.A simple view with a turquoise dome from the outside, but inside with unique and breathtaking tiles.A work that will capture your heart.

Nasir Ol Molk Mosque (Shiraz)
Nasir ol Molk Mosque or pink mosque that all tourist in Shiraz visits this beautifully colorful mosque.From the outside, the Nasir Ol Molk Mosque in Shiraz resembles any other Iranian building. But as soon as you enter, you will feel as if you have entered an incredibly vivid kaleidoscope.Every morning, light courses pass through the stained glass windows, reflecting colorful shapes on carpeted floors.

Shah Cheragh (Shiraz)
Shah Cheragh or Lord of light is the brother of Imam Reza the 8th Shiite Moslems, therefor It has a special value for the Iranians Muslims.After visiting Nasir Ol Molk, you may think that there is no other building that can even get closer to such beauty. This notion will be misspelled as soon as you enter Shah Cheragh, a mosque and a funerary monument which is one of the most important places of pilgrimage of Shiraz.This only adds to the astonishment you will feel when you enter the mirrored rooms and the spacious yard.

Imam Reza Holy Shrine (Mashhad)

Ghoharshad Mosque, Mashhad

The most important Muslim pilgrimage town in the world after Mecca in Saudi Arabia.Mashhad is famous for the Shrine Imam Reza, the final resting place of one of the 12 imams of Shiite Islam and the largest mosque in the world. You will need a few hours to visit the rooms covered with mirrors, enjoy the colorful tile work and cross the many courtyards that make up the complex of the mosque.

Persepolis and Pasargadae
The capital of the greatest empire of Iran in 2500 BC.
The largest historical site and stone architecture of Iran that gives you life The history of the Achaemenid Empire.The town used for the Nowruz ceremony was burned by Alexander in 330 BC.Nearby Pasargadae is also worth a visit: The city was the Empire’s capital under Cyrus the Great, and still houses his tomb.

Feen Garden (Kashan)

This garden is one of the most prominent examples of Iranian gardens Which in English is named to paradise or heaven.It seems unbelievable that such 500 years old Garden exists in the middle of the vast desert.

On the way between Esfahan and Tehran, stops in Abyaneh, a village with the thousands of years old history.The village is famous for the style of the architecture and the color of the buildings as well as the culture of its people, which is a mix of Achaemenid and the new culture. It’s also known for the distinctive dialect spoken by its inhabitants, which is believed to contain elements of the ancient Persian language.

The Windcatchers of Yazd
Yazd badgir or windcatcher is one of the architectural masterpieces of Iran and especially the desert region.These towers are designed to channel the air down into the house, maintaining a constant airflow and cooling the rooms naturally.Yazd is also worth a visit for its Zoroastrian sites.The Zoroastrian temple, where a flame has been burning non-stop for 1,500 years, and the Towers of Silence, where Zoroastrians used to leave their dead.

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