10 Top ski slopes in Iran

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10 Top ski slopes in Iran
Skiing is one of the oldest sports in Iran and in mountainous regions of Iran has special significance.Although Iran is a desert country, in mountainous areas it has high, long and international level ski Resorts.
Ski resorts in Iran are the best in the Middle East.Every year, it hosts skiers from around the world, the Skiers who want to try skiing in modern and traditional Iranian ski slopes.Iran is a different country in the region when it comes to skiing in the Middle East! There are many huge mountains with high peaks and slopes suitable for different types of skiing.
As a result, ski resorts have been built for skiers who enjoy this sport. This type of terrain makes Iran a unique place for people interested in skiing in the Middle East.

Iran: Best Skiing Opportunity in The Middle East

Dizin Ski Resort

10 Top ski slopes in Iran

Dizin is not only the most important ski resort in Iran but also the most prestigious ski resort in the entire Middle East.It is located in the northern mountains of Tehran and in the Alborz Mountains and is the first ski resort in Iran approved by the World Ski Association for holding official tournaments.
This track has some special features
Very beautiful mountain road.
Suitable slope.
Various ski trails.
Amenities such as hotel and restaurant.
The height of 2300 up to 3600 meters.
And a long time skiing season( about 6 months ).

Shemshak Ski Resort
Shemshak after Dizin is the second largest ski resort in Iran.It is located 57 kilometers northeast of Tehran, and this is one of the special features of this area.The close proximity of this ski resort to Tehran has led to the establishment of suitable amenities such as the hotel and restaurant around it.
In this area, you can have 24-hour skiing for 6 months of the year.

Tochal Ski Resort
The nearest and highest ski resort in Tehran just with 5 minutes driving.This ski resort is also one of the highest in the world with  3850 meters.This hotel is so close to the city that you can see the ski resort from your hotel window.The high altitude of this area has enabled you to ski for eight months of the year.
It has 3 separate Ski Resorts, the first on the summit, the second on the western and third, on the fifth to the seventh station.Another feature that can be mentioned is the mountainous hotel at 3545 meters by staying this hotel, you will find an unforgettable scenery.

Ab-e- Ali Ski Resort

10 Top ski slopes in Iran

The oldest ski resort in Tehran is at a distance of 75 km and at a height of 2500 meters above sea level.This ski resort is located on the way of Tehran to Mazandaran Province and has 5 different ski resorts.

Darbandsar Ski Resort
The newest ski resort around Tehran opened about 20 years ago.This ski resort is located 60 km from Tehran.The 3000 m high altitude of the area allows skiers to use these facilities for up to 6 months.

Best Skiing Districts of Tehran

Pooladkaf Ski Resort
Sepidan or Pooladkaf is one of the Fars Province in South of Iran.In the area, you can also use the grassy skis in addition to winter skiing in the summer.

Khooshako Ski Resort
This ski resort is located in West Azarbaijan Province, 30 km from Urmia.This ski resort in the northwestern region of Iran has not only provided snow skiing in the winter but also provides summer grass skiing opportunities for athletes in summer and spring.

Kakan Ski Resort
Kakleluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province are one of the highest provinces in Iran
The presence of snowy summits has created snow-capped Ski Resort in the area.Kakan is located 18 kilometers from the city of Yasuj and at a height of 2800 meters.The best ski time on this track is from early January to late March, with snow depths up to 3.5 meters.

Bijar Ski Resort

10 Top ski slopes in Iran

Bijar is one of the cities of Kurdistan province in the west of Iran.
This mountainous region with cold weather in the winter
 is welcomed by skiers.

Chelgerd Ski Resort
Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari province with high mountains and high water rivers is not only a good place for summer recreational activities such as Rafting but also hosts the winter sports with snowboarding skiers.

Sahand Ski Resort
West Azarbaijan province, with the center of Tabriz city, is one of the oldest cities in Iran, which is not only a very suitable area for winter sports, but historical monuments will attract every tourist.
This ski resort is located 40 km from the city of Tabriz and offers various recreational facilities.

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