Iran Tour; a classic tour in historic cities of Iran

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Iran Tour; a classic tour in historic cities of Iran
possible to view all historical works and their cities in a short program.Iran is one of the most historic and vast countries in the world.So you can not see all of Iran's cities and monuments in a short time.For this purpose, you must travel to Iran several times.
From the perspective of the media, Iran has Hijab limitations, Non-alcoholic beverages, and other restrictions.But none of these will prevent your trip to this wonderful country.

Surfing in Tehran

Golestan Palace Ceremony Hall
Golestan Palace Tehran

Tehran is the largest city and official capital of Iran.Tehran is situated at the foothills of the massive Alborz mountains. Built on the slopes of the mountains.Exploring this fascinating metropolis will take you on a journey through more than 250 years of Iranian history - from the brilliant Golestan palace and the grand bazaar adjacent to the magnificent Azadi tower and the former US embassy.

What to see
One of the best places to see the history of Tehran is
Golestan Palace complex and its surrounding streets.
The area of the palace shows you the 250 years old of the area.
After visiting this royal collection, the old market in Tehran is the best place to make familiar the culture and tradition of Tehran people.The tour of Tehran Bazar will not be complete unless lunch in one of the traditional market restaurants(Moslem or shamshiry Restaurant).
In the remaining time, you can visit Tehran's museums such as Reza Abbasi Museum, Carpet Museum, Jewelry Museum or art galleries in Tehran such as Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of coins, and more.

More about Tehran





We go to Kashan

 Abasi House Kashan

Kashan is one of the oldest cities in Iran with over 8,000 years of history.This city is the gateway to the central desert of Iran.
It is one of the attractions of tourists to see the History,
Culture, Art, and Architecture of Iran.
The 8,000-year-old Sialk Hill is one of the historical symbols of Iran.The old houses in Kashan, a collection of Iranian architecture and decorative art, are one of the most beautiful Iranian historic houses.
The beautiful mosques of Kashan along with the old bazar are among the other attractions that attract the attention of every tourist.
Complete your trip with a night stays in traditional Kashan Hotel/Houses.

Surfing in Kashan
Undoubtedly, the Feen Garden is the most important and famous historical monument of this city.On the way to this Iranian garden, Sialk Historic Hill with over 8,000 years old As the first human settlement on the Iranian plateau will attract your attention.
Visiting this historic city would not be complete unless you visit the historic houses, which can be considered as the most beautiful houses in Iran.
The Houses with deep Iranian architecture and a combination of the culture and art of the people of this land.

On the way of Yazd
We drive from Kashan to Yazd the bride of desert.on the way you can visit the most beautiful mosques and monuments of Iran.Ardestan with its Jame Mosque and its Qanat.The second historical monument of Iran Zavareh village close to Ardestan, or Naien with a historic castle or its beautiful 1000-year-old mosque, or historic castle Nain, also You will visit Meybod city close Yazd and you will visit the beautiful ceramic workshops.This short path is so beautiful and attractive that can take 2 days of your program.


Yazd city of Windcatcher Sites Jame-mosque
Yazd Jame Mosque

These functional and intelligent structures represent the ultimate genius of Iranians.These winders work like modern air conditioners.
One of the great features of Yazd is preserving the traditional fabric structure of the city that you will not find the same of it in anywhere of Iran.Zoroastrians and Muslims have been living together for hundreds of years and can visit Zoroastrian worship.At the end of your visit to this beautiful city, complete your journey with the luscious sweets of this city.

Shiraz, the city of flower and nightingale
Shiraz is the second largest tourism city in Iran after Isfahan.shiraz is known as the city of poets.The tomb of two of Iran's most famous poets, Sa'di and Hafez, are in this city and thousands of tourists visit it annually.
There are a unique collection of Iranian gardens in Shiraz, including Eram Garden, Jahan Nama Garden, Delgosha Garden and Shapouri Mansion.

One day in Shiraz
If you are interested in walking and would like to discover the sights of this historic city, we offer you a walking tour.
In a half-day program, you are advised to visit the historic monuments of the Zandieh era in the 18th century.This is the flourishing time of Shiraz when a large amount was built and the economy prospered. The king, who chose not to be called as such and to call himself Vakil-o-Roaya (Servants Advocate), had chosen to build a citadel in the heart of the city and ruled there. Then you can start sightseeing from this place:Arg-e-Karimkhany (Karimkhan Citadel) then by a 100 M walking you can visit Pars museum in Nazar garden which had been a place to meet people and deal with their problems then Walking along the fences of Nazar garden toward East and a little before the main entrance to the bazaar, on your right-hand side, you will see a relatively broad street leading to the entrance of Vakil Mosque then Vakil Bathhouse is a few meters to the West of Vakil Mosque. You will find the interesting architecture of Zand Era, then Just go back to the main street where you walked from the Pars Museum to the east and walk a little further in the same direction to get to the main entrance of the bazaar, For a half-day break, the Moshir restaurant is the best choice.The ambiance and decoration are like Iranian teahouses in the past couple of centuries.


We start the second half day by visiting the tomb of Hafez the most famous poet of Iran where lovers are interested in it.Then, to visit the second great poet of Iran, Saadi will visit his mausoleum, we will finish our day by visiting the beautiful Eram garden to complete our tour itinerary in the city of beautiful gardens.

Shiraz completes the visit of Persepolis
The Private day tour to Persepolis, Necropolis, and Pasargadae that is run from Shiraz, is a very good way to get into the heart of the Ancient Persia,Your Day start with driving to Persepolis, where all the ruins speaks all the power and grace of the Achaemenids summed up in one of the world’s greatest ancient sites, after Persepolis for a short drive you visit nearby Naghsh-e Rostam that represents a series of rock tombs belonging to the Achaemenids kings as well as few other bas-reliefs from the time of Sassanid empire, AD 224 – 640.

On the way of Isfahan
On the way to Isfahan, one of the most important monuments of Iran is the tomb of Cyrus the Great, founder the Achaemenid Dynasty and the Greatest Iranian Empire Before Islam.


Isfahan is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations within Iran among foreign travelers. A walking tour through Esfahan in half a day will surely familiarize you with the traditional Iranian atmosphere and some of the most impressive monuments of this beautiful city. This will be a visit to Imam Khomeini Square, formerly known as Naqsh-e-Jahan (picture of the world), with several tourist attractions.




Imam Mosque Isfahan

Starting from 2 royal palaces around the square, Chehel Sotoon & Hasht Behest palaces, these royal buildings are located outside the mentioned square, but in a short distance from it. Make sure you begin with them first in the morning.
Proceed to Isfahan’s Imam Khomeini Square, Where you can see the most beautiful historical and architectural monuments in Iran.The three main monuments around the square are Jame Abbasi Mosque (today known as Imam Khomeini Mosque), Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Aliqapoo Palace.Today, UNESCO recognizes this place as a World Heritage Site and the absolute majority of international travelers love to visit it again and again. It is beautiful in the morning but many also love it at night with the lighting around the monument as well as the lights of the windows of the shops.
For the evening after lunch, your best choice is to stroll through Chaharbagh Street, then visit the Zayandehrud River and its historic bridges.
Do not forget that the sun sets at the Zayande Rood is very cute and beautiful.Also, the night in the Naghsh-e-Jahan Sq is the choice of many tourists.

3 Days travel to Isfahan with less than 100 us$

Your unforgettable tour ends here.But surely you have not seen all the spectacular of these cities.So you have to design a longer plan for this purpose.

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