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Sepehr Apartment Hotel

No. 11, Salour, Hesabi Cross Road Bosni Herzegovin St. Fereshte (Fayazi) St. Elahiyeh, Tehran 19619 14811 Iran, Tehran, 19619 14811, Tehran, Iran
(+98 21) 2224 5050-5
(+98 21) 2224 5070
Sepehr Apartment Hotel
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Melal Hotel Group
 First class boutique apartment hotels of Melal, Sepehr, Abtin, Aasa and recently Jamm have been offering a warm welcome to guests from all over the world for the last few years as an excellent choice for the modern businessman on travel. Offering a broad range of facilities and services in a wide variety of accommodation choices. From a single room to spacious 3-bedroom apartments, we cover every need and taste.

   Fully furnished apartments with the latest technology and facilities, combined with the extra care and attention, make us “undoubtedly the best accommodation in Tehran ” according to the “Lonely Planet”.

Sepehr Apartment Hotel
Discover a better life in Tehran at Sepehr Apartment Hotel!

Stay with us to experience the city’s richest comfort in the finest boutique hotel in Tehran. Inside this unique luxury hotel, an intimate lobby welcomes you with impressive spaces marked by Iranian marble and columns decorated with old Persian cuneiform scripts.

For guests who expect the highest level of hospitality and service from luxury boutique hotels, Sepehr offers the perfect lodging experience.


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