Americans Comment on Iran / Travel to an unknown country

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Americans Comment on Iran / Travel to an unknown country

Iran country is full of spectacular attractions that strikes many eyes from around the world.
The history, architecture, culture, nature and other Features of Iran have led tourists from many other countries to come Iran.
The media in the world do their best to provide a very different picture of the reality of Iran.

The inhabitants of the West hear the name of Iran reminding them of nuclear energy, war and terrorists, and never count on it as a tourist destination.There are many who do not care about this.They hang their bags and go to Iran to touch themselves closely to the reality of this country and its people's culture.All of them, upon arriving in Iran, see everything different from what the media says, and they say to their relatives when they return from a trip.The images published by tourists and their travelogues from Iran have undermined all previous media equations, making Iran's name the top destination for many tourists.

In this article, we will pay attention to the views of tourists who had traveled to Iran.  Read More


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