The tourists have fallen in love with Iran

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The tourists have fallen in love with Iran
If we want to describe our travels to Iran in one word, it is a word "false information."

Isfahan and Tourists

You do not know what strange stories they hear about Iran before they come to Iran.Most of the tourists who come to Iran these days have heard such stories.Stories like Iran are not safe, Women in Iran are not safe, In Iran, you should use Chador(Islamic Hijab), It's not safe on the streets, And stories like these.But contrary to media reports,  Not only they do not know Iran as insecure, It is also believed that the country is very safe for tourists.
Alen: I am 50 years old from Australia.I and my family had a false impression about Iran before traveling to Iran.But now we know how secure Iran is.I was very surprised to hear Iranian traditional music in a restaurant in Yazd.
Iran's cities are among the most important sights in Iran.Each city has its own special features that attract their attention.
Some travelers know Qom as the best city, some body Isfahan and others say Shiraz and Persepolis are the best known.
But the most important feature of Iran, which is very interesting to Green European travelers, is to see the central deserts of Iran.These travelers are surprised to see the deserts of Iran, and they consider it the best part of their journey.
But among the distinguished features of Iran for tourists.

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Shiraz and Tourists

Iranian cuisine(Perian Cuisine) is still unknown.This ancient country with diverse cultures and ethnicities is like a cookbook, each page of which belongs to a tribe and a part of this vast country.Culinary culture in Iran remains intact, as the recipes of Grandmother's cooking are still met, and this is the spirit of cooking in Iran.

A Complete Guide to the Iranian Kebab

Iran is not black
The image presented of Iran by foreign media is very different from what you are facing in Iran.When foreign tourists come to Iran, the difference between what they have heard and seen and what they are experiencing are more surprised than anything else. Iran is a country contrary to their expectations.
Iran should be seen.
Iran must be touched.


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