The city of Tabriz is selected as Silk Road Center of Tourism Studies

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The city of Tabriz is selected as Silk Road Center for Tourism Studies

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has selected the city of Tabriz, in northwestern Iran, as a center for studies of tourism and cultural heritage along the Silk Road.

The Head of the Tourism Department of the Tabriz Cultural Heritage, Crafts and Tourism Organization, Farshad Rostami, said: "At a JICA meeting, Tabriz was selected as a tourism and cultural heritage study center along the Ruta de la Silk".

During the meeting, the JICA spokesperson referred to the studies carried out by the agency, saying that between the cities of Ahvaz, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd and Tabriz that are located along the two corridors of the Ancient Civilization and the Route of Silk, JICA selected the city of Tabriz as a center for studies of tourism and cultural heritage, quoted Rostami a Farsi report from the Mehr News Agency.

"Given the presence of ancient sites registered worldwide in the neighboring provinces, Tabriz and its tourist sites will be studied as part of a larger JICA tourism project in the region."

He also referred to the enormous tourist capabilities of the Tabriz 2018 international event, saying that the event can pave the way to attract more tourists to the region.

For his part, Akira Ohara, JICA's principal investigator, congratulated Iranian officials on the selection of Tabriz as the center of tourism studies along the Silk Road, and added for a long time that Tabriz has been seen as a channel that connects Europe and East Asia.

"Meanwhile, the country enjoys a great capacity for the development of its section of historical and cultural tourism."

Ohara referred to the tourist attractions of Tabriz, such as the village of Kandovan, as well as their ecotourism capabilities as the main criteria that JICA members take into account.

He asked for the participation of public associations in the implementation of tourism plans in the city and added that it is very important to create public awareness about Tabriz's tourism capabilities.

Ohara said that the holding of some training courses for people, as well as the launching of some fundamental and infrastructure projects to further develop the city's tourism capabilities, can contribute significantly to the projects to attract more tourists to the city.

The Japanese researcher also said that establishing a direct flight to Tabriz from around the world will connect the city with an international network of tourist destinations. He then said that the land and rail connections to the grid are also important.

A JICA team will visit the historical, cultural and natural sites of Tabriz in the coming days. The visit is after his previous visit to the city last month to assess the tourist capabilities of Tabriz.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has selected the Iranian city of Tabriz in the eastern province of Azerbaijan as the capital of Islamic tourism in 2018, and all of Iran is now preparing to host the largest number of tourists through the Tabriz project 2018

Tabriz hosts a number of famous religious sites, such as the Great Mosque and the Tabriz Citadel, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tabriz Bazar. It has been declared World Craft City by the World Craft Council, which, together with Isfahan, makes it one of the only two cities in Iran that holds the title.

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